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Water Law

In Nevada, the availability of water is a constant and ongoing issue.  Because water is a limited resource, the State of Nevada, Division of Water Resources oversees and regulates the use of water in Nevada.  As a consumer, whether you are a developer, water provider or rancher, the right to utilize water is essential for numerous activities and projects.  Thus, we understand that it is very important that you ensure your rights are adequately protected and appropriately maintained with the Nevada Division of Water Resources.  We have the familiarity and knowledge to assist you in maintaining and protecting your rights.  Specifically, we have the background in both the procedures associated with obtaining and maintaining water rights, for example completion of Applications to Appropriate the Public Waters of the State of Nevada and Proof of Application of Water to Beneficial Use, as well as the processes associated with administrative hearings and court proceedings regarding the protection of your rights to utilize water in Nevada.  If you need assistance addressing a water rights issue, we are available to assist you.