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Carson City, NV 89703

Phone: (775) 461-0992   Fax: (775) 461-0993

Email: info@mahelaw.com

Mahe Law, Ltd.



Q.  What is the cost for an initial consultation?

A.  The initial consultation is offered at a discounted rate of $100.00, and limited to 30 minutes. 

Q.  Does Mahe Law, Ltd. offer telephone consultations?

A.  Yes.  Though we recognize that often people prefer to meet face to face with attorneys they are considering retaining, we also recognize that in some instances that may not be a possibility. In the event you would prefer a phone consultation, we would be happy to accommodate you.

Q.  What happens if my initial consultation exceeds 30 minutes?

A.  If your initial consultation requires more than 30 minutes, you will be charged at the hourly rate for any time exceeding the initial 30 minutes.

Q.  Do you require a retainer prior to providing services?

A.  Yes.  Though the amount of the retainer varies, depending upon the scope of the services we are providing, prior to taking any action on your behalf, we will require a retainer be deposited.