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administrative Law

Governments function by creating various administrative agencies that manage specific regulated areas, for example the Public Utilities Commission, the Department of Taxation and the Division of Business and Industry.  Each administrative agency creates and utilizes its own administrative code which dictates how the agency will interact with the citizens and specifically how it will decide administrative issues.  Often the manner utilized to decide administrative issues involves a processes similar to a court proceeding whereby the individual citizen can present its case to the administrative body before the agency makes a decision.  Utilizing the proceedings adopted by the various agencies to secure the result you desire can be time consuming and confusing but allows you the opportunity to present your case without the necessity of pursuing litigation in court.  Throughout our practice we have dealt with many different administrative agencies and we are practiced in the administrative procedures utilized by these agencies to hear and decide issues related to land use planning, water rights, professional and development licensing, and environmental matters.  We would be happy to assist you in preparing for and presenting your issue to the appropriate administrative agency.